Search more than 200 Sweet Treat recipes and find your new favourites.  Here you’ll find recipes from quick and easy No Bake Peanut Clusters to more advanced recipes like How To Make Profiteroles.  There are recipes for beginner and advanced bakers.  Take a look around and find something that you would love to try.

Tips from My Kitchen

  • If you’re new to making desserts and sweets, I recommend you always follow the recipe from start to finish without changing any of the ingredients or baking methods.
  • Always read the recipe through to the end before starting.  This is to help avoid any surprises!
  • Remember, all ovens/baking pans, etc, bake differently.  Times stated in all recipes may not be true from one oven to another.  There will be tips for each recipe along the way to know when your sweets are ready.
  • All my recipes are baked in an electric oven and are tested in metric.  I find this more accurate in baking.  However, all recipes are stated in Cups for the ease of the reader.  In the recipe card, you will see a toggle button to change the recipes to metric if that’s your method of baking.