Pasta Pizza & Risotto

All of our Italian Inspired Recipes in one place, what could be better?  There is no doubt, pasta & pizza play a huge part in our home and we have more than 80 recipes to share.  Learn how to make the best Pizza Dough, make Marinara Sauce and all the steps to Make Perfect Risotto every single time.  There are also a lot of quick and easy family favouites like our Sun Dried Tomato Skillet Pasta, our Penne Pasta and Broccoli Bake and a great collection for 25 Weeknight Pasta Dishes.

Tips for Making Pasta

  • Choose the right kind of pasta to go with the sauce you’re serving.
  • For baked pasta dishes, cook them al dente so they don’t go too soft after being baked.
  • Pasta water helps thicken sauces as well as adds a little more flavour to the pasta dish.