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35 Sweet & Savoury Recipes Using Lemons

There is no end what you can do with fresh lemons! From dinners like my Lemon & Rosemary Roasted Chicken, to pasta dishes like the Lemon Garlic Butter Pasta and Mini Lemon Cheesecakes desserts. And with 35 Sweet & Savoury Recipes Using Lemons, you won’t be stuck for ideas.

Photo collage of lemon recipes.
35 Sweet and Savoury Recipes Using Lemons

Tips For Storing, Cooking and Baking With Lemons

  • Zesting lemons – Lemon zest is often used in baking and cooking. Lemon zest is the outer skin of the lemon that’s bright in colour and shiny. It’s best to use a very fine grater to peel lemon zest from the outer layer of a lemon.
  • Keep lemons fresh in the fridge – Lemons can be expensive, so you don’t want them to spoil before using them up. Keep them in your crisper drawer in the fridge up to two weeks for optimal freshness.
  • Infuse sugar with lemon zest – To add more flavour to baked goods, add the lemon zest to the sugar and rub it in with your fingers. You will get an amazing lemony flavour.

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Photo collage of lemon recipes.
Sweet and Savoury Lemon Recipes

Fish & Seafood Lemon Recipes

Lemon is often used in cooking fish and seafood to brighten flavours and enhance the flavours of the fish. You can add lemon to marinades for seafood or squeezed on just after cooking.

Baked Salmon with a Lemon Basil Cream Sauce

Impress yourself with this delicious Baked Salmon with a Lemon Basil Cream Sauce. A quick baked salmon dish with a delicious creamy sauce made from wine, onions, cream, basil and lemons. A great meal for dinner parties or just to treat yourself.
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Baked salmon in a baking dish.

Lemon Salmon with Sauteed Spinach & Cannelloni Beans

This Lemon Salmon with Sautéed Spinach and Cannelloni Beans is just packed full of goodness. This quick and healthy salmon dish with cannelloni beans and fresh spinach just screams wellness from the inside out.
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Lemon Crusted Baked Cod

Make this Lemon Crusted Baked Cod for your next dinner. Cod topped with a lemon bread crumb mixture and baked in the oven. It’s on the table in under 30 minutes which makes it a great mid week dinner.
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Lemon cod on a plate with slices of lemon

Zesty Lemon Sauteed Shrimp

These Zesty Lemon Sauteed Shrimp have become an absolute favourite of mine. Large shrimp quickly cooked in garlic, butter, lemon, olive oil and a little salt. They cook in minutes and make a great appetizer or starter to a bigger meal.
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a pile of zesty lemon shrimp on a plate.

Lemon Cream Spaghetti & Shrimp

This Lemon Cream Spaghetti and Shrimp is what great dinners is all about. Tender spaghetti noodles with a creamy lemon parmesan sauce and topped with fresh garlic shrimp and herbs.
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Pan Fried Perch with Lemon Parsley Sauce

This Pan Fried Perch with Lemon Parsley Sauce is a wonderful quick and light dinner for all fish lovers. On the table in under 30 minutes and goes great with fresh salads and crisp vegetables.
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close up of the pan fried perch with lemon parsley sauce

Lemon & Parmesan Perch with Sauteed Spinach

Make this Lemon & Parmesan Perch with Sauteed Spinach. It's super healthy, budget friendly, quick and easy dinner. You can have dinner on the table in about 1/2 hour, so I think we can call it quick week night dinner.
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Lemon Cream Mussels

These Lemon Cream Steamed Mussels will not disappoint as a starter to any meal. Or being the star of the show for that matter. For all you seafood lovers out there, make them and you won't be disappointed.
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Lemon Chicken Recipes

A touch of lemon goes a long way in cooking chicken. You can add it to marinades to make the chicken more tender, use it for making sauces or just using lemon slices to garnish a dish a pop of colour.

Stove Top Lemon Chicken

Looking for a zesty chicken dish? Well, this Stove Top Lemon Chicken could be just what you're looking for. Done in one pan on the stove top which makes for a pretty quick and easy dinner.
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Slow Cooker Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

This Slow Cooker Lemon and Rosemary Chicken is full of flavour and fall off the bone tender. Made with fresh lemon zest, fresh rosemary sprigs and a few herbs and spices.
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Slow cooker lemon and rosemary chicken on a plate with arugula

Mint & Lemon Chicken Kebabs

You can never have enough kebab recipes for summer. And these Mint & Lemon Chicken Kebabs make perfect sense for outdoor grilling in the hot months ahead. Seen served here with quinoa and minted Greek yogurt for a great meal.
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Fresh Thyme & Lemon Stuffed Chicken

Here’s your perfect Sunday roast. This Fresh Thyme & Lemon Stuffed Spring Chicken ticks all the boxes for a great dinner any day of the week, not just Sunday.
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roasted chicken in a baking dish

Lemon & Rosemary Roasted Chicken

You can't be a great roasted chicken dinner. This Lemon & Rosemary Roasted Chicken is a wonderful dinner to get on your dinner table any time this fall. A perfectly roasted chicken infused with the flavours of fresh lemons and rosemary sprigs.
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Vegetable, Rice and Pasta Dishes with Lemon

Lemon is so versatile making sides and brings so much flavour to the most basic rice and potato dishes. One of my personal favouries has to be the Zucchini Pasta Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette.

Thyme & Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Starting off the month with these crispy, lemony and fluffy on the inside potatoes. These Thyme & Lemon Roasted Potatoes would go great alongside any spring time dinner.
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Lemon Herb Couscous Salad

There is still time to get in a few more salads before the season comes to and end.  This Couscous Salad in a Lemon Vinaigrette could be the perfect way to wind down salad season. Light an fluffy couscous, roasted vegetables and a lemon vinaigrette.
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Lemon Vinaigrette

This is a super easy and quick Lemon Vinaigrette that I make so often and thought it about time to share it here.  It's is a staple here in this house for salads, vegetable dishes and even marinades for chicken and seafood.  It only takes 5 minutes and you just can't beat that!
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Leek & Lemon Quinoa

This lovely light and fresh Leek & Lemon Quinoa dish makes a great spring time side dish or even a great lunch all on it's own. This grain packed full of protein never disappoints and made here with the addition of sauteed leeks and garlic and then finished off with fresh lemon juice.
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over head table shot of the leek and lemon quinoa

Lemon & Asparagus Risotto

I can't think of a more perfect spring time meal that this Lemon & Asparagus Risotto. Creamy risotto with fresh asparagus and hits of lemon.
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Zucchini Pasta Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette

A fresh and light addition to your spring pasta dishes. This Zucchini Pasta Salad in a Lemon Vinaigrette is filled with seasonal zucchini, sun dried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Then topped off with a tangy vinaigrette.
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Lemon Pasta with Spinach

Super simple pasta! Sometimes simple is best and it doesn't get a whole lot easier than this Lemon Pasta with Spinach. On the table under half an hour and makes for the perfect spring time dinner or even lunch.
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Lemon Spinach Pasta on a plate.

Lemon Garlic Butter Pasta

This Lemon Garlic Butter Pasta is easy, quick and very satisfying. Tender cooked pasta in a creamy butter & lemon pasta sauce. Using fresh lemon juice and zest for the best flavour. Put it on your dinner rotation this week!
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Lemon garlic butter pasta in a bowl

Lemon Muffins, Scones & Loaf Cakes

Lemon really shines through in baked goods. A little juice and zest will go a long way in a Zesty Lemon Loaf Cake or Blueberry Lemon Muffins.

Lemon Scones

These Lemon Scones were bursting with fresh lemon flavour that filled the kitchen with a lemony aroma. A little lemon zest goes a long way.
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Lemon Curd Filled Scones

Lemon Cured Filled Scones are the perfect way to use lemons. A light and fluffy scone filled with a luscious lemon curd filling.
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Strawberry Lemon Muffins

These Strawberry Lemon Muffins are light and moist at the same time . A basic muffin recipe with the addition of fresh strawberries, lemon juice and lemon zest for a really fresh flavour.
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A stack of strawberry lemon muffins.

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Muffins make a great snack, breakfast or even an addition to a brunch. These Blueberry Lemon Muffins take no time to put together and are great fresh out of the oven. With the addition of fresh lemon zest and juice, these have a bit of a tangy flavour.
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close up of the blueberry lemon muffins

Chocolate Chip Lemon Squares

A little lemon goes a long way with these little cake squares. Why not add a splash of lemon to your baking every now and then to add a little extra something special. These easy Chocolate Chip Lemon Squares are perfect for spring.
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Coconut Lemon Loaf Cake

A lovely light and lemony cake. This Coconut Lemon Loaf Cake would be welcomed at any breakfast, brunch or snacking table. Made with basic ingredients and fresh lemon juice and coconut. Got lemons, make a cake!
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Raspberry Lemon Loaf Cake

This Raspberry Lemon Loaf Cake would make a great treat any day of the week. It's a beautiful lemony loaf filled with ripe fresh raspberries. Make it soon!
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a raspberry lemon loaf cake on a wooden board

Zesty Lemon Loaf Cake

A luscious Zesty Lemon Loaf Cake you'll want to make this summer. Made with real lemon juice and zest, it's absolutely bursting with fresh lemon flavour!
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lemon Desserts

Fresh lemon desserts are welcomed any time of the year. By adding Lemon Curd to cakes and pies, you instantly get a huge flavour boost!

Lemon Blueberry Swiss Roll Cake

This Lemon Blueberry Swiss Roll Cake is a perfect dessert for warmer weather. A light and fluffy vanilla cake filled with fresh whipped cream, Lemon Curd and fresh blueberries. A perfect dessert or spring and summer!
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Lemon Pistachio Cake

Looking for something a little different to a regular vanilla cake? Why not give this simple Lemon Pistachio Cake a try. Simple enough for an afternoon treat and fancy enough for dessert!
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Citrus Cupcakes

Freshen up some baking with these Lemon and Lime Cupcakes! A perfect little dessert for any special occasion or just a regular spring day. Take a look!
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Homemade Lemon Curd

This Homemade Lemon Curd needs to go on your must make list soon. Using just four ingredients and you can make it in no time at all. Great for pies, cakes, scones and so much more.
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Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

Brighten up January with these deliciously beautiful Mini Lemon Cheesecakes! Perfectly proportioned, fresh and lemony cheesecakes will brighten even the gloomiest of January days. Take a look!
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Lemon Cream Cheese Danish

This Lemon Cream Cheese Danish is everything you need right now. Using puff pastry with a cream cheese and Lemon Curd filling, it's delicious. Then topped off with a sweet glaze to make it just a little bit extra.
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freshly baked lemon cream cheese danish

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I freeze whole lemons?

Yes, you can freeze whole lemons, lemon wedges, lemon zest and lemon juice. Whole lemons freeze the best for freshness and you can freeze them up to four months. Defrost fully before using.

How much juice do you get from one lemon?

A medium lemon yields 3 tablespoons juice, and a large lemon yields 4 tablespoons juice (¼ cup).

Can you substitute bottled lemon juice for fresh lemon juice?

Although fresh juice gives the best flavour, in many cases you can absolutely substitute bottled lemon juice for fresh lemon juice.

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